Dragon Defence
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It is a game to defeat the enemies attacking the city and protect the crystal.
Control the flying dragon and destroy the enemy!

App Infomations

Dragon Defence

Control the dragon and protect the crystal


Let's use the dragon properly by using the item!

Let's Change Dragon

Clear the stage and collect dragons!

Defeat enemies

Defeat strong enemies with a dragon!
  • A stage-clearing action game that you can easily play for free
  • You can play with simple operations while having the elements of FPS (shooting shooting game)
  • Build a mini tower and protect crystals with iron wall defenses
  • Use the gunpowder barrel to destroy all the enemies around you!
  • Let's defeat the attacking enemies with the flame of the dragon!
  • It's a format that clears a simple stage, so it's perfect for killing time!
How to play
  • Swipe the right half of the screen to control the dragon's point of view and aim
  • Use the attack button to fire a dragon flame and destroy the enemy.
  • You can move the dragon (player body) by swiping the left half of the screen. Move to an advantageous location that is easy to attack.
  • Swipe up, down, left and right. You can proceed with the game intuitively.
  • Game over when crystal HP reaches 0
  • You can charge tower items by defeating enemies, so press the tower button to create a mini tower and advance the game to your advantage.
  • If you attack the gunpowder barrel with the flame of a dragon, you can defeat the enemies around you with the power of explosion at once.